Afrotonic Classes


Afrotonic offers traditional West African dance classes in Bicton and north Perth with live drumming. 

Young and old, children (from 3 years old) and adults, men and women, with or without previous dance experience – anyone is welcome to join and have fun! Sign up a friend for a class and you get a free bonus class. 

Our classes are on-going and held twice a week...

Tuesday from 6:30 - 8:30pm |2 back to back classes |  Bicton Uniting Church Hall, Palmyra
Corner of Canning hwy and Carrington Street. Tap here: Google Map

No mirrors but live drummer(s) and high energy every week:

- 6:30-7:30pm beginners

- 7:30-8:30 intermediate/revision for gig

Also, pay for one come to the other one for free on Tuesdays only  That way intermediate peeps get a good warmup in the beginner class and beginners see how fun and fast the intermediate class can get

Saturday 5:15 - 6:30pm | 1/301 Selby st N, Osbourne park (North Perth)

This is an open level class. All are welcome =) The venue has mirrors, lovely floors and as always, live drummers...

Come try it out!!!


A full body workout

Classes are a full body workout whilst giving you the freedom to express yourself to the powerful beat of African music. It is an exhilarating and unique cultural experience that makes you feel energized and alive whilst helping to release stress and strengthen body and mind.

The Afrotonic ensemble also performs regularly with African Percussion Groups and is also available for your to perform at your next party, at festivals and gatherings!

Afrotonically, Roanne...



$25 casual OR $130 for a card of 6 classes to use at either venue within 3  months. If you buy a card, and then bring a friend, you will also get one class for FREE (ends up at $18.5 a class!) The highly discounted card system is to encourage you to commit to coming regularly, and work towards a goal - eg a student performance.

Organise a group of 10 friends or more to commit to a minimum 5-weeks program and we’d be happy to find another venue and day that suits you best.


Some testimonials

"Your Afrotonic performance was electric, atomic! Both professional and awesome! You honour the origins of west African drum and dance and weave it into today's society. The ceiling looked too low, I thought you were going to break through!" Maestre Goioere, Capoeira australis performance.

"Afrotonic classes are packed full of energy and roots perfect after a long week, mixing up the traditional African with funky moves - Ro and her team of drummers are just fantastic!" - Elena, fly-in-fly-out worker and Afrotonic student.

"I've moved to Albany now, but those years dancing with you were soo beautiful, those were the good ol' days" - Paul, sports therapist and student

"I joined Afrotonic dancing group last month . It’s absolutely AWESOME 👏 I never knew that African dancing would be so much fun and such good exercise! I can hardly wait for my Tuesday evening classes. Our dancing teacher Roanne Rocks !!" - Tania, Afrotonic student